We’re getting closer…

on November 30th, 2012

Are you are even the slightest bit sentimental? And I do mean the slightest? But also just too… “fill in the blank here” (options: lazy, preoccupied, overwhelmed, tired out, freaked out) to collect or track your memories? Well then, welcome my friend. I am like you. If you have an iPhone and just a few minutes you can document a memory and share it or print it. It’s that easy. I wish all things were this easy, especially homework time, or bedtime, or meal time, or no more TV time…”fill in the blank”. I don’t know about you, but technology sometimes spooks me a little. I’m all for learning faster and easier, but adding more to my ‘To Do’ list is never on my ‘To Do’ list. I’m looking for easy and uncomplicated…and, well, fast. Enter the app. That beautiful, little trusty assistant is always with you, organized and beckoning from your back pocket saying: “Let me help you hold onto that memory”. DotGlu is that helping hand that is cost-effective, never gives you attitude, is emotionally stable and never late. Unfortunately, it can’t pick up a latte. Sigh. Even so, trust your memories to DotGlu, Memories that Stick. Your future will thank you. It’s almost ready for you.

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