About DotGlu

As a parent, are you losing it? That great photo? Nearing the abyss since you rarely sync… A charming commentary? It’s challenging to recall 10 seconds ago… Who was there? What happened? How old were they there? It’s hard to keep track, yet there’s no mistaking these silly, often over-the-top valuable moments of life are worth tracking. A fast, mobile way to format it all in one place… DotGlu.

Ava Herrera (Founder)

Mom to two energetic boys and an iPhone addict, she envisioned a new, creative and digital solution to an old problem. Saving memories.

Having 20+ years of design experience, in the worlds of interior and clothing manufacturing, working for and consulting for different design firms and start-ups, she relishes collaborating on fresh and exciting ideas. DotGlu was born out of necessity and she’s been scarily obsessive about getting it right. Merging a love for visual creativity, and technology with purpose has been an extreme adventure. She could write a book.