How do you SAVE memories?

on May 3rd, 2012

I used to think I would scrapbook. I love the idea of documenting events and using beautiful papers, juicy markers and ticket stubs to craft something really personal and special. Then I found out, it’s harder than it looks. And more expensive. And more time-consuming. And takes closet space. And I usually cut myself. I used to think I could scrapbook. Found out, I can’t.  I figured “there must be an app for that”. Found out, there wasn’t. I set out to make one. Took 3 years. Wanted it easy, fast and automatic…with recordable audio/video… oh and lots of sharing options too. AND FREE. A tall order. It’s called “DotGlu…Memories that Stick”. And it’s a fun iPhone app. Did I mention FREE? Grab some photos, write some jaunty text, record an audio/video clip and select from over 60 pre-designed template designs. Nowadays I get the family fun formatted in seconds and post or print those pages in a flash! Found out, I CAN craft special things: my memories AND some “me” time.    

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