Send your memories to a good collage…they deserve it.


Nicole Pratt

Nicole listens intently and takes great pride in getting it right. Her designs are always creative and beyond the box. She was the first to ‘break ground’ with us on this project, so for that she will always hold a special place. She has worked in graphics for 20+ years, working on projects for Air Canada, Disney, La Senza Lingerie, Amgen and on and on. She has that distinctive French-Canadian flair, eh? Yes she does.

Ted Lin

Ted is one of those guys you hope to meet on the street in a rainstorm. He’d give you his umbrella, and his raincoat. And thankfully, he too, has an incredible eye for detail, having worked for Disney, network television and even stints with the Grammy music awards. He takes his creativity seriously people and dove into this project head first, no net. He is a true artist and as efficient as they come. His response is always ‘no problem’—who doesn’t love that?

Fran Greelis

Fran has a degree in juggling. She works days, nights and weekends (see, sleep-deprived) and she was the voice of the general templates. She mixed colors and shapes with that bright 80’s flair (hold the shoulder pads) and wanted big photos…she got her way. She has over 30 years experience as a graphic designer and her clients include GE Capital, Datalink, Doran Companies, Leuthold Weeden to name a few—the suits, you know the type. We love us a Midwesterner—easy-going, friendly and hard working– dedicated to her craft. How cool.

Jonathan Young

Our new kid on the block. He is soft-spoken yet packs a punch with mad computer skills and an efficient way of laying out his work. He takes direction really well and as a freelancer, busily meeting deadlines all over southern CA, he doesn’t sit down much. We relish the new guy and all his potential. Look for more.


Jlorene Gage

Give this girl some chalk, some ink, some paint…some tree sap and she’ll make art worthy of any gallery. Even her name oozes creativity, and when she told us charcoal and caulk mixed media-we said go! She has been winning interior design awards for 30+ years, designing restaurants in San Diego and Hawaii such as Kemo Sabe, Indigo Grill, Taste of Thai, Kimo’s, Pineapple Grille and even Karl Strauss Brewery. Next up, an art camp for kids too! She always adds a unique vision mixed with a Zen calm to anything she touches. It’s apparent she was most certainly born with artist tools in hand. Um, ouch.

Talin Zerdelian

Talin applied herself in art early in life, in watercolor, oil and printmaking before being inspired by the true dimensional possibilities of textures and woven applications; she went on to earn a textile degree from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Her perspective can only be called inspired, the way she harmonizes shape, color and texture into unexpected arrangements. She has 20+ years designing textiles for major trade showrooms such as Brunschwig & Fils and working with European mills on private label projects. She now focuses on freelance work while skillfully monitoring the talents of her three young apprentices. The only thing outshining her huge talent is her huge heart. One to watch.

Ali Douglass

Ali is like light- bouncy and joyful. Her cartoon-like drawings are all made by hand and actually made us feel bouncy and joyful too. Ali has 13+ years illustrating for Seventeen magazine, The New York Times, American Greeting Cards, Martha Stewart Omnimedia and is published in over 25 books. Her style is fresh and in a world of digital, vector art, her hand-made original look is absolutely refreshing- like cool lemonade at the beach, sigh, thanks Ali.

Eejay Jung

You may see Eejay running around town, dressed to the nines as a fashion stylist for commercial and movie shoots. Her style is perfection and her giggle contagious. She is formally trained as an illustrator for children’s books and fashion design, and she balances her love of drawing for animation/advertising with her love for film. She was so graciously one of our first contributors, with ideas beyond awesome and boundless energy to boot. Her eye is critical, but her voice compelling and one-of-a-kind no matter how she applies her vision. A keeper for sure.

Ava Herrera

An admirer of art, for all its eccentricities, wicked color conundrums, the ohm and the restlessness. It’s all good, even the bad. Loving line work, graffiti anything and bold contrasts she loves to sketch and doodle until something comes together. Not formally trained in art, but trained yes, as an interior designer she can draw a mean couch, lamp shade or cabinet and render the fine minutia of a house plant. Wand of Choice: Black sharpie ultra fine or pilot G-2 .38 point. Fun.
We are grateful to our team of inspired designers, not only for their spirit and flair but for their willingness and passion for the process. They saw merit in this concept and ran the road to completion like champs. They are waiting with open arms for your comments. Fire when ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to start by taking pictures?

    No. You can use any of the seven action buttons (Who, Photos, Audio, Video, Place, Details, Quote) in any order to build a memory.
  • Does DotGlu use GPS tracking?

    No. At this time DotGlu does not use GPS tracking. Simply type the location your memory occurred with up to 30 characters of text.
  • Do I need to use all seven buttons when creating a new memory?

    No. It is up to you how much information you include in a memory. The final template will populate with whatever you include and each is designed to look great no matter what information is included, but we do feel the finished templates look pretty fantastic when all the options are used!
  • How can I change the order of my pictures on the template?

    DotGlu currently allows you to add three photos when building a memory. Once you have selected three, tap Preview. You will see your photos numbered from 1-3. Photo 1 is in the featured location, and is the largest on all the templates. Generally, the Photo 2 location is slightly larger than the Photo 3 location, but on some templates they are the same size. You can hold and drag photos to rearrange them in this Preview.
  • Where are my photos?

    DotGlu accesses the photos stored in your phone’s camera roll. From the “Build a Memory” screen, tap “Photos” and you are given the option to take a photo or make selections from your camera roll. If you take a photo it will be stored in your camera roll as usual.
  • Can I change or edit the text style, size, font and color?

    Not at this time. The beauty of the DotGlu concept is that you can quickly capture all the details of a memory and DotGlu will format it for you in a professionally designed template. That’s it, no decisions to make. Done. Go get a manicure.
  • Is my personal information shared?

    Never. Ever. The ONLY reason we even need your email/password is so we can connect you to your memories on our server. If baby throws your phone in the bathtub, we got your (memories) back.
  • Can I share audio or video to my Facebook and Twitter account?

    Yes. The templates have embedded links to live audio and video clips. So add them to your memory and share away.
  • Can I rename my memory after is has been saved?

    Yes. The name of your memory is also the title on the template. So if you rename a memory it will also change the title on the template. If you prefer not to name your memory, or have a title on the finished template that’s fine too.
  • Are all my memory elements (photos, text, audio/video clips) stored on my phone?

    The photos, videos and audio clips are stored on your phone through your phone’s camera and voice apps. Once you build and save a memory it is stored on your phone until your share it, then it is stored, or synced to our server. Share ALL your memories so you can get them to the server and restore them if you lose your phone. Memories that are not shared are not retrievable. Bummer, but there’s no way to restore them if they were only stored on your phone.
  • If I change phones will my memories still be available?

    Yes. Retrieve your memories with these simple steps: 1. Download the DotGlu app on the new device, and open it. 2. In the lower Menu bar, Go to Settings/Info, then Account. 3. Enter the Email and Password 4. Your Memories and People directory will reload in the DotGlu app on the new device. (TIP: Best when you have a strong WiFi connection) Remember, to retrieve a memory it had to have been shared (synced to the server).
  • When I start a memory is it saved automatically?

    Yes. DotGlu will always launch at the place you left off, so if the screen locks due to inactivity or you stop the app unexpectedly you will be brought back to the screen you last visited.
  • How long are my memories stored?

    Your memories are stored on your phone until shared and then they are synced to the DotGlu server. We will store them for you while you use DotGlu.
  • How many pictures can I take from within the application DotGlu?

    You can take up to three photos. If you decide to add more, you have to delete first to make room. Eventually there are plans to increase the number of photos you can include in a memory. How exciting!
  • What is the maximum length of an audio recording per memory?

    30 seconds.
  • How often will you add new templates?

    Our goal is to add new templates monthly so there is always something new and fresh to use.
  • Do you offer templates with room for more photos?

    Not at this time. There is only so much room on a template, but we are devising ways to add that option in the future. Stay tuned!
  • Can I download templates from your website to my phone?

    No. All template purchases must be made through the App store.
  • Where can I make suggestions?

    Please email us at We’d love to hear from you.